NIHONGO FUN & EASY Survival Japanese Conversation for Beginners


NIHONGO FUN & EASY Survival Japanese Conversation for Beginners


緒方 由希子、角谷 佳奈、左 弥寿子、渡部 由紀子 著
B5変型判 204頁
価格 2090円



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 Audio Download for PCs(the 14th print)

※There is a change「外国人登録証(Gaikokujin Tourokushou)」⇒「在留カード(Zairyu kado)」in the Track 37 of the 14th print CD.


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  • 【Pre-text】写真資料
  • To Users of This Book この本を使う方へ
  • How to Use This Book この本の使い方
  • Must-know Words and Phrases 絶対に覚えておきたい表現
  • Explanatory Notes 凡例

Unit 1 I am John.

  • Introducing yourself 自己紹介

UNIT 2 Is there an ATM around here?

  • Asking for directions 場所を尋ねる

Unit 3 How much is this?

  • Shopping 買い物

UNIT4 Take out, please.

  • Convenience stores and restaurants コンビニ・レストラン

Unit 5 Can I pay by credit card?

  • Asking permission 許可を得る

Unit 6 Please wait a moment

  • Making requests 依頼する

Unit 7 Does this (train) go to Yokohama?

  • Transportation 交通

Unit 8 I'm going to an art museum.

  • Talking about plans and activities 予定や行動について話す

Unit 9 How do you like living in Japan?

  • Talking about impressions 感想を言う

Unit 10 What does that taste like?

  • Eating 食事

Unit 11 It's nice weather today, isn't it?

  • Socializing 1 - Making small talk 世間話をする

UNIT 12 Would you like to have a cup of tea?

  • Socializing 2 - Invitations 誘う