NIHONGO FUN & EASY Survival Japanese Conversation for Beginners

A beginner-level textbook to learn practical Japanese for daily convesation.
Text written in kana/kanji and Romanaized letters with English traslation.

緒方 由希子、角谷 佳奈、左 弥寿子、渡部 由紀子 著
B5変型判 204頁
価格 2090円

About This Textbook

1. Talk like a native!
This textbook uses conversation style Japanese to help students learn natural sounding Japanese.

2. Learn what interests you!
Different situations, topics and phrases mean you can learn according to your own interests.

3. Flexible, practical and relevant!
Independent grammer and real life situation study sections allow you the flexibility to study what is most relevant for you.

4. Practice, practice, practice!
Plenty of practice exercises in each unit to help students learn natural phrases and expressions.

Audio Downloads

The 14th print’s modification included.

The 14th print’s modification included.

※There is a change「外国人登録証(Gaikokujin Tourokushou)」⇒「在留カード(Zairyu kado)」in the Track 37 of the 14th print CD.

Sample Pages