How to use app

You can easily download audio files directly to your smartphones or tablet PCs by using app.
The is a service that sells audio books but our audio files are completely free.

Here is the instructions.

First, access to the following page.

1. Tap the red button saying [無料会員登録].

2. Register your information.

  • お名前 → Your name
  • メールアドレス → Your email address
  • パスワード → Password

Tap the green button saying [会員登録].

3. Input the serial code (the last 5 digits of the ISBN code), then tap [送信する].
※ ISBN code are printed on the cover of the book.

Login to the app with your email address and password, then tap red [ログイン] button.

4. Open the app.
Tap 「すでに会員の方はログイン」at the bottom of the screen. 

5. You can find the app links on the same web page. Please download and install it to your phone.

6. Open the [ライブラリ] menu at the bottom

7. Tap the book icon,  then tap [ダウンロード] button.

[再生] is the PLAY button.