NIHONGO Breakthrough From survival to communication in Japanese

30時間で会話力アップ! すぐに日本語が必要な方々へ
Confidence in Japanese communication in 30 hours!
For people who need Japanese communication skills right away

Jプレゼンスアカデミー 著
B5変形判 146頁 CD付
価格 2090円

本書について/About This Book
Tips on the Japanese Language
Useful Expressions for Survival

Stage 1 Survival
 Lesson 1 :First Meetings
 1.At the Office
 2.In a Hotel Lobby
 3.In a Meeting Room

 Lesson 2 :Taking a Taxi
 1.In a Taxi-Ⅰ
 2.In a Taxi-Ⅱ

 Lesson 3 :Getting Fast Food
 1.At a Convenience Store
 2.At a Coffee Shop
 3.Ordering Pizza by Telephone

 Lesson 4 :Dining Out
 1.At the Entrance of a Restaurant
 2.At a Table in a Restaurant

 Lesson 5 :Shopping
 1.At a WineShop
 2.At a Digital Camera Department
 3.At a Supermarket

 Lesson 6 :Asking about Time
 1.At a Station Ticket Office
 2.At a Laundry
 3.At a Sports Clud Reception

 Lesson 7 :Taking Public Transportation
 1.On the Street
 2.At a Station
 3.At a Bus Terminal

Stage 2 Ice Breaking
 Lesson 8 :Talking about Schedules and Routines
 1.At the Office
 2.During Lunchtime,in the Elevator Hall
 3.Friday Afternoon,at the Office

 Lesson 9 :Socializing
 1.At the Office
 2.At a Sushi Restaurant
 3.At a Coffee Shop

 Lesson 10 :Talking about Leisure Time
 1.In the Elevato Hall
 2.At the Office

CD Scripts and Answers for Activities
Japanese-English Glossary

Separate Volume

NIHONGO Breakthrough From survival to communication in Japanese