NIHONGO FUN & EASY Ⅱ Basic Grammar for Conversation

The next step in learning Japanese for beginners

渡部 由紀子、左 弥寿子、臼井紫瑞子 著
B5変型判 224頁 別冊24頁
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About This Textbook

This textbook introduces the Masu-form, Potential Form, Conditional Form, the Volitional Form of Verbs, the Plain Form and expressions using Adjectives, and Giving-and-Receiving expressions.

Starting with basic phrase-by-phrase exercises, user of this book will gradually work towards practical application, eventually becoming able to seamlessly incorporate new sentence patterns into daily conversation. Given this logical structure, this textbook is suited for those who wish to improve their speaking skills quickly.


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NIHONGO FUN & EASY Ⅱ Basic Grammar for Conversation