Coming to Japan: Simple Japanese Words and Phrases

Coming to Japan: Simple Japanese Words and Phrases


アスク出版日本語編集部 著
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Text written in katakana / kanji and romanized letters with English translation

▶ Part 1
This section introduces Japanese customs and fundamental knowledge about the Japanese language.

▶ Parts 2 & 3
Part2では、サバイバル場面で役立つものを、Part 3では日本語で楽しくコミュニケーションするためのことばを紹介しています。
Part 2 introduces phrases and vocabulary needed in places like convenience stores, restaurants and hospitals.
Part 3 introduces phrases and vocabulary used for things like self-introductions, social medial and dating.

▶ Part 4
This sections shows how to properly pray at temples, how to enter hot springs and how to read signs that you might need to know at popular tourist attractions.

About the Audio

Part1 About Japanese

Japanese Characters
Numbers and Counting on Fingers
Japanese Currency
About Japan
Greetings and Basic Words and Pharases

Part2 Survival

Topic1 Shopping(1)
Topic2 Shopping(2)
Topic3 Convenience and Grocery Stores
Topic4 Cafes
Topic5 Restaurants
Topic6 Clinics
Topic7 Pharmacies
Topic8 The Post Office and The Bank
Topic9 Trains
Topic10 The Shinkansen
Topic11 Taxis and Buses
Topic12 Hotels
Topic13 Room Renting and Homestays
Me and My Familiy

Part3 Communication

Topic1 Sightseeing
Topic2 Formal Introductions
Topic3 Casual Introductions
Topic4 Social Media
Topic5 Medical Condition
Topic6 The Weather
Topic7 Making Calls
Topic8 Making Reservations
Topic9 Beauty Salons
Topic10 Invitations
Topic11 Meeting Up
Topic12 Dates
Topic13 Emergencies
Places and Directions

Part4 Sites to See / Must-see Sites / Popular Places

How to Enjoy ONSEN
Let’s go to shirines and temples!
Thank You Messages
Vocabulary List

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Coming to Japan: Simple Japanese Words and Phrases