Japanese Industry(在庫僅少)

Japanese Industry

Japanese Industry


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  • Foreword
  • Section 1 overview of Japanese Industry
  •  Government Protection for an Industrial Superpower
  •  Industrial Policy and Industrial Change
  •  Japan's Main Industries
  •  Changes in Japanese Management
  •  Continuing U.S.-Japam Industrial Friction
  •  Japanese Industry in Asia
  •  Japanese Idea Products
  •  Japan's Pursuit on Frontier Markets
  •  Far-out Technologies on Japan
  • Section 2 Current Problems of Japanese Industry
  •  Why?Fewer Regulations on Japanese Industry?
  •  How Will Japanese Firms Respond to Foreign Newcomers?
  •   Enterprise Restructuring
  •  How Will Japanese Industry Handle Environmental Issues?
  •  Prospects for Japanese Overseas Inventment
  •  Three World -Famous Businessmen
  • Section 3 Basic Guide to Japanese Industries
  •  The Software Industry
  •  The Household Appliance Industry
  •  Automobiles and Motorcycles
  •  The Petrochemical Industry
  •  The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  •  The Textile Industry
  •  Steel and Nonferrous Metals
  •  The Machine Industry
  •  Food and Agricultural Products
  •  Banking and Securities
  •  Wholesaling and Retailing
  •  General Trading Companies
  •  Construction and Housing
  •  THe Transportation Industry
  •  The Communications Industry
  •  The Leisure Indstry
  •  Appendix 1:Major Company Directory by Industry
  •  Appendix 2:Business Information Sources
  •  Index