Japanese Graded Readers(にほんご よむよむ文庫)meet the need of the learners of Japanese who want to learn and enjoy reading/listening in Japanese. Each reader is written and edited with care to every detail so you can enjoy reading and absorb tons of Japanese without a dictionay.

  • Five levels for the biginning to intermediate learners. Ranges from folk tales, fiction, biographies, history, and culture.
  • Every kanji has its reading printed next to it, and also every katakana up to Level 3.
  • Vocabulary and grammar are controlled throughout.
  • Vocabulary outside the control list are made clear through paraphrasing and/or illustrations.
  • CD recording with sound effects makes reading, listening and shadowing much fun.

Edited by TADOKU Supporters
(多言語多読, a Not-for-Profit Organization)
◎Book Format: A5、5~6 books/set, with a CD recording of the text.
◎Price: Yen 2,300/set tax excluded.

Downloadable Audio for smartphones and tablet PCs is available.
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 Japanese Graded Readers にほんごよむよむ文庫 Level 4 Vol.3 NEW

Price:¥2,300(not including consumption tax)
1 Audio CD (Some of the audio data need to be downloaded.)

・ローマの休日 / 四十七人の侍 / 日本の食卓 / 坊ちゃん(上) / 坊ちゃん(下)